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Gensler Design Exchange

The Gensler Design Exchange creates a dialogue between design experts, creative trendsetters, and thought leaders to discuss how we shape the future of cities.

Dec 20, 2018

The holidays are a time of year for giving back and lending a hand to help those in your community. To honor this, this week on the Gensler Design Exchange podcast, we’re celebrating issue advocacy through the power of design. On this episode, Elaine Asal, design strategist in our Gensler Baltimore office, talks with Ryan Cavanaugh (design manager, Gensler Atlanta), Michael Adkins (consulting strategist, Gensler D.C.), Meredith Baber (marketing manager, Gensler D.C.), and Christian Fortuno (technical designer, Gensler Miami) about their recent collaboration with Mera Kitchen Collective, a community-driven, food-based cooperative focused on the empowerment of refugee and immigrant women.